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Welcome, fellow rockhounds! Our passion is sharing the mysteries, stories, and treasures hidden within the world beneath our feet.

Whether a seasoned geologist or casually curious, you’ve come to the right place. We inform and inspire all intrigued by geology, paleontology and mineralogy’s endless fascinations.

Explore our trove of resources to identify specimens, plan your next rockhounding expedition, and deepen your knowledge about rock formations, crystalline structures, ancient life, and more. From complete beginners to experts, we provide something to satisfy your curiosity.

Explore our resources to ID specimens, plan rockhounding adventures, and deepen your knowledge. From beginners to experts, we satisfy curiosity about rock formations, crystals, fossils and more.

Honored to have you on this journey apprehending Earth’s wonders. Let’s start digging!

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New headphones resting on a weathered rock outdoors, suggesting a brief pause from listening to a rock and mineral podcast


Rockhound in waders inspecting a wet stone in a river for signs of agates or crystals

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