A Rainy Day Chalcedony Find Turns Into a Stunning Piece Of Jewelry!

It’s no secret that rocks completely change the way they look when they’re wet. It’s one of the reasons we rockhounds carry a spray bottle with us (or just spit on that thang if we’re honest 🤣)

The same is true when it rains. It gives you a chance to see color and patterns in rocks you wouldn’t otherwise see or notice. As a matter of fact, rainy days are a great time to walk a gravel bar for that very reason.

In this video, Jason from Rockhounding Life came across a “throw away” chalcedony stone while walking his dog on a rainy day. Watch to see what he turns it into. It’s pretty amazing.

Watch The Video!

Rockhounding Life is a father-sons rockhounding team is known for taking ordinary looking rocks…rocks many people would simply walk over…and turn them into beautiful, pieces of art.

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