Rock Seeker was founded by Don Gerig, a passionate geology enthusiast seeking to share his knowledge and appreciation for the world of rockhounding. After years of collecting quartz, agates, and other mineral specimens around his Pacific Northwest home with his daughter, Don was inspired to create an educational platform for fellow hobbyists.

Today, Rock Seeker provides expert tips on identifying rocks, minerals, and fossils as well as recommended destinations for finding these specimens across the United States. With a lifelong passion for geology and decades of rockhounding experience, Don created this site as a resource for both novice and seasoned rockhounds.

At Rock Seeker, readers can enrich their knowledge of geology and rock identification through informative articles and guides. The site offers insights into local geology, determining the origins and properties of different mineral and fossil types, and building an impressive mineral collection.

Meet The Team!

Don Gerig

Don is the founder of Rock Seeker. In addition to writing about geology and rockhounding, he enjoys spending time with his family in Central Texas. To learn more or get in touch, contact Don at don[at] He looks forward to sharing his expertise with fellow rockhounds who have a passion for the captivating world of stones and minerals.

Jeremy Hall

Jeremy is a professional writer, but his real passion lies with stones. With two decades of collecting behind him, as well as a decade of cutting, he loves to share his broad experience and knowledge about rockhounding. These days he can be found in his workshop, setting the stones he dreamed of as a child. You can find his knowledge here, and his handiwork at his Etsy shop.

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