Our Mission

The mission of RockSeeker.com is to cultivate curiosity and connection to the natural world by empowering rock and mineral enthusiasts of all ages to discover the wonder, beauty, history, art, and science within every stone.

Where We’ve Been Featured

Leveraging decades of collective expertise, Rock Seeker has partnered with major media outlets including National Geographic and The History Channel to provide engaging educational content about the wonders of the geological world. We love sharing our passion for all things rock, mineral, and geology related in order to make the captivating world beneath our feet more accessible to all.

National Geographic- Your Guide to a Rock-Collecting Adventure With Kids

The History Channel- Cities Of The Underworld: Mayan Apocalypse (S4, E1)

Texas Highways- Texas State Gem: Texas Blue Topaz

The Statesman Journal- Tips from the pros: How to Find Colorful Agates on The Oregon Coast and Valley Rivers

University of Minnesota- Rock, Mineral, Fossil, and Meteorite Identification

The College Investor- 15 Free Hobbies That Require No Money But Are Fun!

East Oregonian- New attraction offers gold rush in Joseph

Hudson Valley Post- Did You Know That New York Has a State Gem?

Our Team

Because our team are rockhounds too, we’ve felt the same thrill of discovery you do when unearthing a fossil, crystal, or mineral specimen. We know the frustration when a promising rock hunting spot turns up empty. And we understand the satisfaction of finally identifying a mysterious stone after months of speculation.

At Rock Seeker, our close-knit team is dedicated to providing readers with content that educates, inspires, and empowers your exploration of the natural world. We are committed to ensuring our articles and resources are:

  • Current – We stay on top of the latest discoveries, technologies, and trends in the world of amateur geology and rockhounding.
  • Scientifically accurate – Our team leverages their extensive training, research, and real-world experience to validate facts.
  • Focused on you – Every piece of content is crafted with our readers in mind, aimed at satisfying curiosity and enriching your knowledge.
  • Trustworthy – We take great care to vet information thoroughly so you can feel confident in what you learn here.

While we are starting out small, our team punches above its weight thanks to the passion and dedication of all our experts. Learn more about our editorial polices here.

Founder/Senior Editor
Don Gerig

Don brings decades of experience collecting, studying, and educating others about the captivating world of rocks and minerals. Don aims to cultivate curiosity, passion, and knowledge in fellow geology, mineralogy, and rockhounding enthusiasts of all ages.

Lead Writer/Editor
Jeremy Hall

With over 20 years of experience rockhounding, collecting, cutting, and crafting stones into one-of-a-kind creations, Jeremy leverages his wealth of hands-on experience by writing engaging articles and guides that help educate fellow rock and mineral enthusiasts.

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