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The Apache “Hooded Owl” Agate: The Most Famous Agate of All Time

Hooded Owl agate
The "Apache Hooded Owl" agate from Rancho La Vinata, Ejido el Apache, Chihuahua, Mexico

The Hooded Owl Agate

The Hooded Owl Agate, also known as the Apache Agate, is a highly valued and prized specimen in the world of agates. The first recorded appearance of this agate was in an advertisement from Triangle Rock Shop in Lapidary Journal in April of 1958. The stone was reportedly sold to T. B. Williams, the owner of Triangle Rock Shop, by Ramon Pena Munoz, and eventually made its way to Gorin’s Gem Art Shop. Currently, the Hooded Owl Agate is in the possession of Mr. Brad Cross.

This agate is considered one of the most exceptional picture agates ever seen, characterized by its intricate and unique design. It features a Hooded Owl pattern that is formed by the combination of vivid yellow and red veils, set against a blue sky. The rarity of the Hooded Owl Agate has only added to its popularity and value among collectors.

Hooded Owl agate
The “Apache Hooded Owl” agate from Rancho La Vinata, Ejido el Apache, Chihuahua, Mexico

The Hooded Owl Agate is a remarkable and highly sought after specimen in the world of agates. Its history, rarity, and stunning design make it a must-have for any serious collector of gemstones and minerals.

Apache Flame Agate

apache flame agate
“Apache Flame Agate” from Mexico (credit: James St. John)

Apache Flame Agate was discovered in 1957 near the Ejido El Apache area. These agates boast stunning, dynamic color splashes that bring to mind the bold brushstrokes of Vincent Van Gogh. Unlike the more established Lagunas, these agates have a wild and untamed quality that only adds to their charm. The most prized of all Apache agates is the Hooded Owl, featuring veils of radiant yellow and red that create a breathtaking owl against a blue background.

Unfortunately, it is rare to come across high-quality Apache agates, as there were not many found and the deposit has long been depleted. The multicolored varieties are particularly scarce and sought after. In comparison, Lagunas are much easier to find, as they have been extensively mined for many years and are likely to continue to be exploited in the future.

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