Top 5 Arrowhead Hunting Books for Artifact Enthusiasts and Hobbyists

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The Growing Popularity of Arrowhead Hunting

Arrowhead hunting has grown in popularity over the years, but comprehensive statistics on participation rates are limited. A 2014 article in Smithsonian Magazine reported the number of arrowhead collectors was estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

Additionally, websites like have seen increased traffic and engagement among amateur archaeology enthusiasts sharing artifact finds and educating each other on responsible collecting.

While concrete data on the hobby might be sparse, the continued interest is apparent through online communities and archaeological societies dedicated to arrowhead hunting as a hobby. Having access to reliable guides and resources will be increasingly beneficial as more people discover this passion.

Best Books For Arrowhead Hunting

We’ve compiled a list of the top arrowhead hunting books that cater to both beginners and experienced collectors looking to expand their knowledge. These books are packed with information and advice on locating and identifying arrowheads, spear points, and knives, and they’re also budget-friendly.

  1. Arrowhead Adventures: The Ultimate Guide to Indian Artifact Hunting – perfect for enthusiasts at any experience level, this book teaches you how to locate Indian camps, find arrowheads, and document your discoveries with photos.
  2. The Official Overstreet Identification and Price Guide to Indian Arrowheads, 14th Edition – a valuable resource for those interested in pricing and identifying artifacts.
  3. The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowheads Identification and Price Guide – another great option by Overstreet, this guide covers a broader variety of Indian artifacts.
  4. Arrowheads: A Beginner’s Guide – this book covers the basics of arrowhead hunting for beginners, discussing how arrowheads are made using both ancient and modern tools and offering an introduction to heat-treating, water-treating, pressure flaking, percussion flaking, notching, fluting, and more.
  5. Yes, You Can Find Arrowheads!- An excellent book that will teach you the basics of hunting for arrowheads and help you find the right locations to start your search.

Each of these books is worth considering if you’re passionate about arrowhead hunting and want to improve your knowledge and skills. Keep in mind that it’s always a great time to grab a good book and plan your next arrowhead hunting adventure!

Complete List Of The Best Arrowhead Hunting And Indian Artifact Books

Complete List Of The Best Arrowhead Hunting And Indian Artifact Books

1. Arrowhead Adventures: The Ultimate Guide to Indian Artifact Hunting

Arrowhead Adventures, written by expert artifact hunter William Bauer, is a must-read book for those serious about learning to hunt for arrowheads in creeks or woods. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the knowledge you need to find arrowheads.

2. The Official Overstreet Identification and Price Guide to Indian Arrowheads, 15th Edition

If you’re serious about wanting to know how much your arrowheads or other Native American Indian artifacts are worth, then there’s really just one more place you need to take a look. And that’s in the Official Overstreet Indian Arrowhead Identification and Price Guide.

The Overstreet Guide is the Bible of arrowhead collecting. It’s an encyclopedic guide to Indian arrowheads found all over the continental United States, as well as Alaska.

Not only does the Overstreet Guide help you in determining the value of your arrowhead collection, but it helps you learn, in detail, the history of the arrowheads you have in your possession. 

The guide is cram packed with pictures and drawings that will help you easily identify your arrowhead point.  Then after identifying what type of arrowhead it is, it will help you determine its quality and what you would expect to either pay, or have someone else pay for the arrowhead.  

 The Overstreet guide features more than 12,000 images of points from 10 distinct geographical regions. You will gain an understanding of arrowhead types, manufacturing, grading, materials as well as values.

 It’s a massive reference which is unmatched in the marketplace and is the most respected book on arrowheads and arrowhead values.

3. Arrowheads and Stone Artifacts, Third Edition: A Practical Guide for the Amateur Archaeologist

This practical, down-to-earth guide for surface collectors of arrowheads and stone artifacts is designed especially for amateur archaeologists and people interested in learning how to study and collect artifacts safely and responsibly.

The author of Arrowheads And Stone Artifacts reveals invaluable tips on where to look for artifacts, how to identify artifacts, where surface collecting is permissible and starting and caring for your own collection.

With more than fifty photographs and illustrations of common and rare artifacts, this book is the perfect addition to libraries of amateur archaeologists excited about preserving and interpreting the remains of a prehistoric culture.

4. Arrowheads: A Beginner’s Guide

This beginner’s guide is great for those just starting their arrowhead collecting journey, with valuable information on how Native American arrowheads were made, where they can be found, and how they were used. The book also includes tips on making other types of artifacts, a short price guide, and information on mounting and using arrowheads in various tools.

5. Yes, You Can Find Arrowheads!

In this easy-to-understand book, the author confidently states that with the knowledge provided and enough time invested in hunting, anyone can find arrowheads. Yes, You Can Find Arrowheads! will teach you the basics of hunting for arrowheads and help you find the right locations to start your search.

Final Thoughts

In our journey to learn more about arrowhead collecting and artifact hunting, it’s crucial to have reliable resources at our disposal. One way to access these valuable books is through Kindle Unlimited, where some of the recommended books in our post are completely free to explore.

If you know someone with a growing interest in this fascinating hobby, consider gifting them one of these books. Sharing this knowledge can make a significant impact on their arrowhead hunting endeavors. Remember, staying informed and equipped with the right information is the key to a successful and enjoyable experience.

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