The Rock That Broke the Saw: Cutting a Dendritic Moss Agate From SW Washington!

Sometimes you simply have no idea what you’ve got until you cut it open to see with your own eyes. This was precisely the case with a stunning dendritic moss agate discovered in the pristine streams of Southwest Washington.

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@doncarnelian1 Oh my goodness what beautiful piece inside! Sooooo cool!#moss #rockhounding #SWWA #PNW #agate #creator ♬ original sound – doncarnelian1

My friend Donal W., a passionate collector and TikToker, shared his thrilling experience of finding this stone:

“I found this one after a longer hike in Lewis County (SW Washington). I had to scale quite a few beaver dams but I found it with a clear viewing box and a flashlight in the middle of the stream.”

Back home, Donal didn’t waste time to see what lay beneath the rock’s rough surface. He set up his trusty 7″ tile saw, knowing it would be a tough job. As expected, the rock was dense and pushed the saw to its limits. According to Donal: “The tile saw maxed out on size and eventually burned out. It took forever to cut through. RIP Husky 7″ 🤣”

Even though the saw met its end, it comes with a silver lining. Donal now has an excuse to buy the new saw he’s had his eye on!

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