Turning Dairy Queen Parking Lot Rocks Into Beautiful Gemstones

Trips to Dairy Queen usually revolve around ice cream and other frozen treats. What typically doesn’t come to mind are rocks. And more specifically, what a random landscaping rock would look like if cut and polished.

But when you’re the guys from Rockhounding Life, that’s exactly what you think about when your sitting outside enjoying a tasty Blizzard at Dairy Queen.

Watch The Video!

These guys are back at it with another great video where they find seemingly ordinary stones hidden in parking lot landscaping and turn them into beautiful polished pieces of art. This time, it’s a Dairy Queen landscape rock. After getting permission to take it, they turn it into something spectacular!

So, the next time you’re sitting outside enjoying a Dilly Bar, maybe do a quick glance into the landscaping to see if there isn’t a cool find to be had.

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