Giant Geode or Thunderegg? See What’s Inside This Massive Dugway Geode Bed Find!

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A Mother-Son Adventure

About 1.5 years ago, Julie from AZ Rockhound Expeditions and her son set out on a memorable rockhounding trip to the famous Dugway Geode Beds in Utah. Despite her broken foot, she and her sone embarked on this expedition together where they stumbled upon a truly extraordinary find.

An Unexpected Discovery

While exploring the area, they came across a massive rock buried in the middle of the road. After carefully excavating it, they discovered that it measured an impressive 12 inches across and 10 inches high. The duo faced a puzzling question: Was this colossal rock a hollow geode or a solid thunderegg?

The Debate: Hollow or Solid?

The mother and son believed the rock to be a hollow geode, but many others insisted that it was likely a solid thunderegg. Eager to uncover the truth, they enlisted the help of a friend who owned a large rock saw, perfect for cutting the rock in half and revealing its hidden nature.

The Stunning Reveal

As you can see in the video, once the rock was cut open, they were delighted to find a large cavity filled with small, purple-colored druzy quartz crystals. The surrounding rhyolite boasted a breathtaking color, while the agate fortification banding within the rhyolite only added to the specimen’s awe-inspiring beauty.

The Verdict

So, was this mysterious rock a geode or a thunderegg? Well…it’s actually both a thunderegg AND a geode!

According to Kyla Abegglen, who commented on the video, “Actually it’s a thunder egg first, because it formed in rhyolite, and a geode also because of the cavity and crystals. A thunder egg can also be a geoded but a geode can never be a thunder egg.

She goes on to say, “That was a fabulous find, probably a once in a lifetime! It is amazing and gorgeous, that’s the important part!”

To see the remarkable unveiling yourself, watch the video above or at and be sure to check out their other videos and subscribe to their channel!

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