3 Rock Collection Display Ideas (How To Display Your Rock and Mineral Collection!)

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How To Display a Rock Collection

Looking for and adding rocks to our collection can be a whole lot of fun…and time consuming!  We spend all that time exploring rivers, streams and beaches…we stop during our walk on the beach or down gravel roads to pick up rocks that catch our eye.  We’re rock collectors. It’s what we do…and we love it!

And as rock collectors, we want the rest of the world to appreciate our treasures just as much as we do! It doesn’t make sense to just put them in a box or in a cupboard somewhere never to be seen again. But that’s exactly what most of us end up doing!  

Some of us might place our best finds in a rock collection display case and walk away.  Some of us will put individual rocks on a shelf.  Maybe we fill a jar with rocks and display them that way. As a matter of fact, using a jar as a rock collection display is a great way to showcase your goods.  Jars make a quick and easy rock display!

But that’s just one idea on how to display your finds. In this article I want to share with you a few ideas on how to display your rocks and minerals so everyone can actually enjoy them.

How To Display Rocks In A Jar

1. The Vintage Mason Jar Rock Collection Display

Vintage Mason Jar Rock Collection Display

One of the easiest, and my most favorite way to display rocks in a jar is by using a vintage style mason fruit jar.  The best part about using vintage style mason jars is that you can find them with different colored glass, from clear to blue and even pink! The most common colors are clear of course, blue and green.

Having a jar with a very subtle light blue tint might bring out different colors in your rock collection than you might not otherwise see. 

Tip: If going for a vintage look, you might want to think about using vintage style mason jars, like these.  

These vintage looking mason jars come in a variety of colors and are the perfect display for your rocks.  

2. In Old Medical Bottles

display of rocks in old medical bottle

Another way of displaying rocks in jars that I’ve seen, and I’m definitely a fan of is using old medical exam jars. My favorite are the antique looking glass medical jars, similar to these. Typically to find really good looking antique medical jars, I’ve had search garage sales and antique stores.

Tip: Try keeping separate jars of rocks collected on vacations as a momento.  If at the beach, maybe fill the jar halfway with sand and the rest of the way with the rocks you collected at that beach.  Be sure to label the jar with a reminder of that specific vacation!

3. Rock Collection Display In A Vase​​

The final idea of how to display rocks in a jar doesn’t really have to do with jars at all. Instead, take a look at the vases you have lying around your house. These can look great filled all the way to the top with rocks.

Another great idea is to fill the vase halfway or ⅔ of the way with your favorite rocks, and then simply nestle a candle on top of the rocks.  

Tip: Try filling the jar ⅔ of the way with rocks. Then almost fill the jar with water. Then float a single tea candle on the water!  Or try filling the vase with rocks and planting a few succulent on top.

4. The Floating Display Case

This is a display case I recently made for an artifact I found. But it can also be used for rocks and minerals as well.

We’ve all seen the display cases where the artifact is pressed between a foam back and the glass of the box. Those are nice, but not the look I was going for.

So I wanted to share with you what I ended up putting together and how I did it. Just in case you’re looking for inspiration to do something similar.

What I like about this display case is that it creates a floating effect for the specimen. It’s a very easy project and doesn’t cost much to make.

If you’d like to learn how to make this type of display, you can read all about it here.

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