How to Make a Simple Wire Wrapped Ring with a Bead or Small Stone

adjustable wire wrap rings with beads stones
credit: Youtube/Matt’s Crazy ArtMatt’s Crazy Art

Easy Wire Ring With Bead or Stone Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to make the simplest wire wrapped ring ever with just one bead or small stone. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced jewelry maker, this tutorial is perfect for you. We’ll be using 8-10mm stones with a hole drilled through it, 16 or 18 gauge wire and a ring mandrel.

Below is a step by step guide on how to make these wire rings. However, I recommend watching the video as well to get a good visual idea on the process.

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  • 1 stone with a hole drilled through it (8-10mm)
  • 16 or 18 gauge wire
  • Ring mandrel (stepped)
  • Pliers


  • Cut about 10-11 inches of wire
  • Place the stone in the middle of the wire, bend it and make it as tight as possible
  • Use a ring mandrel and pick a size (6-8 is a standard average size for women)
  • Hold the wire flat and press it around the mandrel, coming around the other side
  • Wrap the wire around the mandrel as many times as you want, leaving yourself two little tabs (about half inch each)
  • Take your pliers and carefully separate the tabs
  • Tuck each tab into the crevice underneath the bottom of the stone
  • Carefully pinch the wire to make it disappear into the crevice

Pro-tip: Be careful not to shoot the wire at your face. Make sure you’re wearing safety glasses when cutting the wire. Use good body mechanics and turn the wire several times to get the angle right.

Video Tutorial For Wire Wrapped Rings

Credit: The tutorial was taken from the video “How to make a simple wire wrapped ring with a bead or small stone” on YouTube channel Matt’s Crazy Art.

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