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Man Discovers 794-Pound Emerald Worth $300 Million

credit: Paulo Peixinho DPJ Filmes / Caters News

Massive Emerald Found in Brazil

A massive emerald (in reality a conglomerate of multiple crystals) weighing 794 pounds and standing around 4.3 feet high was recently unearthed in a gem mining field in Bahia, northeast Brazil. The stone is considered extremely rare due to its considerable size and the quality of its gigantic crystals.

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Only identified by his initials FG, the owner has revealed that the giant stone is being kept in a secret location under heavy security, as he fears kidnapping, extortion, and armed robbery.

The Carnaiba emerald, as it is now known, was found by members of the Bahia Mineral Cooperative, a group of workers legally authorized to explore the area. Extracting the stone was extremely difficult. It took ten workers over a week to get it out because it was 200 meters down in the ground. The workers cut the stone out of the rock it was embedded in. Then all hands were needed to lift it to the mine shaft, where it was raised to the surface by a winch.

The owner has paid each member of the Coop for their share of the gemstone, leaving him as the sole owner of the Carnaiba Emerald. Experts predict the impressive jeweled stone, which contains around 180,000 carats of emerald crystals, could fetch around £238 million. The owner has already received calls from interested parties from Europe, the Arab Emirates, America, India, and China, who are keen to open negotiations.

According to reports, there are only two giant stones with this density of crystals in the world. The other one, the Bahia emerald, was the subject of a legal dispute over ownership between Brazil and America. The Carnaiba emerald, described as a majestic and beautiful monument, is of superior quality and is considered a collector’s item. The owner is still deciding whether to sell it or display it in museums in Brazil.

994-Pound Emerald Worth $300 Million

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