From “Ordinary Blue Rock” to Spectacular Showpiece

What do you do when you find an ordinary blue stone, but you think it just might possibly be hiding something a little more “extraordinary” right below the surface? Well, you cut it open and polish it of course!

That’s exactly what the guys over at Rockhounding Life did in a video that’s gone viral.

Watch The Video

This father-son rockhounding team is known for taking ordinary looking rocks…rocks many people would simply walk over…and turn them into beautiful, pieces of art.

In this video, they take a turn at transforming a blue stone they found on Ross Creek Beach in Nova Scotia. What did they find inside? Watch the video and see the transformation!

What I love about this video, besides the surprises found inside the stone, is the fact that he talks us through the entire polishing process, the equipment used and different stages of grit. So, if you’re interested in learning how to face polish stones yourself, you’ll enjoy this one.

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