Unexpected Finds! Amazing Rocks & Minerals Found in Parking Lots!

Note: Please respect private property. Parking lots are also private property. I recommend obtaining permission before removing anything, including rocks, from a parking lot.

Just the other day, I had to run to Target with my daughter to pick something up for a school project. As we were walking across the parking lot something caught my eye.

It was a small fossil. About the size of a dime. It was mixed in with other gravel in those median type things that have trees and shrubbery growing in them.

This tiny fossil is my latest parking lot find

Not the most epic find ever made, but still…the fact that I found it in a Target parking lot was pretty cool. At least we thought so!

I’m always scanning the gravel when walking in parking lots. Sure, I might look goofy walking slow with my head down, but that’s alright.

Folks walk by stones all the time and have no idea what they’re literally stepping over; crystals, agates and even arrowheads!

All of the below images are from r/rockhounds.

Epic Parking Lot Finds!

1. Agate found in a Captain D’s parking lot


2. Horn coral fossils from a limestone parking lot


3. Found in a Target parking lot


4. Quartz crystals found in the gravel of this users parking lot.


5. Silicified trilobite tail found in the gravel of a hamburger restaurant.


6. This gravel parking lot was loaded with crushed agatized coral


7. Another agate find in a gravel parking lot


8. Prehnite that was found in a gravel parking lot


9. A beautiful parking lot find near Mt. Adams


10. Two agates found in a gravel parking lot


11. Pyrite found in a school parking lot


12. Arrowhead found in landscaping rock in a parking lot in Scottsdale, AZ


13. An emerald found by a 6 year old in the parking lot of a mine


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