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Petrified Wood For Tumbling (3 Best Sources)

petrified wood for rock tumbler

Petrified Wood For Tumbling: 3 Of The Best Bulk Raw Petrified Wood For The Money

If you’ve ever seen a highly polished piece of petrified wood, it’s easy to appreciate the  beauty that you’d never be able to see in while in its raw form. Polishing can reveal and intensify the many colors and designs found in petrified wood. It’s no wonder that polished petrified wood is worth more money when it comes time to sell them!

But how do collectors get these pieces of petrified wood so smooth and polished?  You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to get this finished polished look on your petrified wood. Have you ever used a rock tumbler? Well, that’s all you need!

But sometimes, getting your hands on enough pieces of petrified wood to run through a rock tumbler can be a challenge.  Especially since you really want to try and make sure all the pieces are similar in size and hardness.

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In this post, I want to share with you a few of the best bulk petrified wood for tumbling you can buy. The benefit of buying petrified wood for tumbling from these sources is because they are 100% ready to be put in the rock tumbler. They’ve all been crushed and sorted by size, which makes it so much easier for us!

As I mentioned, using a rock tumbler to clean and polish petrified wood is the best option when you have smaller size pieces. It’s a relatively inexpensive and incredibly easy to do.

All you need is a regular rock tumbler, like this one, add your petrified wood along with the tumbler grit, and let it run for about 3 days or so. Pretty easy, huh?  For a more detailed look at how to use a rock tumbler, check out, How To Use A Rock Tumbler.

The Best Petrified Wood For Tumbling

1. Rough Bulk Madagascar Materials: 1 LB of Petrified Woods

The 1 inch bulk Madagascar Materials is one of the most popular sources for bulk petrified wood for tumbling.

What makes it so popular among collectors and petrified wood enthusiasts is a combination of the size, quality and price.

Included is 1 full pound of raw petrified wood that’s been crushed and sorted into 1 inch sized pieces.  This is the perfect size pieces to use in your rock tumbler.

Not only is this the best petrified wood for tumbling, but these also are perfect making cabchons, wire wrapping, reiki or just for simply collecting.

2. Fantasia Materials: 1 lb Petrified Wood Rough

These beautiful rough pieces of petrified wood for tumbling are another popular choice for collectors and hobbyists, as many different weights are offered. You can order as little as 1, 2, 5 or 18 pounds of petrified wood with Fantasia.

The Fantasia petrified wood is 100% natural and sourced directly from Madagascar petrified wood mines. Which means what you get is exactly how it came out of the ground!

Each order contains multiple pieces of this beautiful petrified wood. Each piece is unique and varies in color, size, shape and pattern. What you are delivered is always equal to or greater than the weight purchased.

3. Digging Dolls: 1 lb Petrified Wood Rough Rocks from Madagascar

The petrifed wood for tumbling offered by Digging Dolls is always high quality.

Every order of petrified wood has been through a rigorous quality control process and only the best product is allowed to feature the Digging Dolls logo.

That’s what makes Digging Dolls the final selection for providing the best petrified wood for tumbling.

The beautiful 100% natural petrified wood rough is mined at a privately owned quarry in Madagascar specifically for the Digging Dolls company.

Why Collect Petrified Wood

So why do so many people like to collect petrified wood?  One of the most popular reasons is because petrified wood is considered a gemstone.

Just like other gemstones, you can polish petrified wood and create things like jewelry and even furniture.  In some instances, petrified wood is even considered very valuable and can be sold for quite a profit.

So check out some of the petrified wood for tumbling listed above and start creating those gemstones right away!

Where To Find Fossilized Wood

There are many places you can find petrified wood. As a matter of fact, there are entire petrified forests.  But if you’re looking for specimens to add to your collection, or turn into jewelry, then you may want to turn to places that are made for just this kind of thing.

Here’s a couple of my favorite places to look for petrified wood in nature.

In Or Near Water

The best place to look for fossilized wood in my opinion is in or near water.  I’ve found almost my entire collection in the rivers near my house.  The best thing to do is to pay attention to the gravel bars, or any other area where there might be a collection of gravel.

Take some time and stroll through those areas.  Pay attention to any rocks that just don’t quite fit in.  Remember, that fossilized wood looks like wood.  So anything with grain or lines running through it is worth stopping to take a closer look at.

There’s so much fossilized wood in gravel bars that I’ve even found some in my own gravel driveway!

On The Beach

Do you live on or near the beach?  Maybe you travel to the beach throughout the year?  If you do, you’re in luck.  The beach is another great place to look for petrified wood.

Just like you would do when walking the gravel bars, walk the beach in areas where gravel or rocks tend to be more numerous.  My favorite place when looking for petrified wood on the beach is to find streams or creeks that enter the ocean.  I’ve had great luck finding fossilized wood in those small creeks.

Take your time and carefully inspect any rocks that catch your eye.  If you’re lucky, you’ll not only find petrified wood, but other fossils and agates as well!

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