Jasper is a beautiful stone, and the variation is enough to make any collector excited.

What is Jasper?

Jasper is a form of opaque cryptocrystalline silicon dioxide (SiO₂ or silica).  Jasper is usually characterized by bright colors, including green, red, blue, and many others.

Jasper is distinct from agate due to its opacity. A true jasper blocks all light, although some brecciated jaspers will have pockets of chalcedony in them.

Generally, the stone will have some kind of pattern as well, even if it’s within a single hue

What Types of Jasper Are There?

Jaspers, like agates, have a loose classification system based on how their surface patterns emerge. Some varieties also have their own names and specific colors. A few common varieties include:

Brecciated Jasper

Ocean Jasper

Bumblebee Jasper

How To Find Jasper Stones?

Walking riverbeds is the best way to find jasper nodules in an area.

How To Find Jasper Stones?

Riverbeds collect stones over time, and dry river beds or gravel bars can be a treasure trove!

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