Where To Find Gold in Oregon

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Where To Find Gold In Oregon

Oregon has proven itself to be a very productive state when it comes to looking for gold. The state of Oregon has had several gold rushes over the years, which has accounted for a total of approximately 6 millions ounces of gold found. In addition to gold, silver is another precious metal that has been successfully recovered.

Oregon is a very popular destination for gold prospectors even today. Gold has been found in nearly every part of the state. And with its numerous rivers and streams, it makes for a gold prospectors dream.

The Best Places In Oregon To Find Gold

Looking where to find gold in Oregon? Some of the best places to find Gold in Oregon are in the southwestern corner of the state as well as along the eastern border with Idaho. As a matter of fact, the most gold has been found in Baker County at over 1.5 million ounces of gold.


Southwest Region

In the southwest part of Oregon, many gold placers can be found on tributaries of the Rogue River as well as along the streams in the Klamath Mountains. Other locations that have proven to be really good are the Applegate district in Jackson County as well as the Greenback region in Josephine County.

Northeast Region

In the northeast part of Oregon, placer gold can be found in many of the streams that drain the Blue Mountains and the Wallowa Mountains.

The Sumpter areas and the upper part of the Powser River have historically been fairly good locations to recover gold.

Public Locations In Oregon To Find Gold

There is public land in Oregon that has been reserved for gold panning,  in addition to other recreational activities. The areas that are listed here have been excluded from mineral entry and are open to recreation gold panning.

Be sure to educate yourself on the rules for each location as some places you can only use your hands and a gold pan, while other locations permit you to use other mining equipment such as shovels and sluice boxes. You may also need a permit to pan some of these areas.

Considerations While Searching For Gold In Oregon Public Lands:

Be sure to stay below the water line. Try not disturb vegetated areas. Call the land management agency for that location and ask for the most current information and updated rules. Some of these public areas are only open seasonally.

Gold Hot Spots In Oregon

1. Hellgate Recreation Area

Hellgate Recreation area is a section of the Rogue River. As stated above, the Rogue River is one of Oregon’s richest gold rivers. Hellgate Recreation area covers a 27-mile stretch of the Rogue River and starts at the entrance of the Applegate River and ends at the entrance of Graves Creek. The recreation area includes the tributaries within a quarter mile of the Rogue River.

This section of the Rogue River has strict regulations on the type of equipment you can use to mine for gold. Your best option is to contact the Medford BLM before your trip.

2. Quartzville Recreation Corridor

Quartzville Creek that is located just above Green Peter Reservoir. There is a stretch of the river that is open to recreational gold prospecting. The stretch starts at Rocky Top Bridge and extends to Galena Creek.

The Quartzville Recreation Corridor is a historical mining area that has produced a lot of gold. It is an excellent location for people who live in the Willamette Valley.

3. Sharps Creek

Another easy location for people that live in the Willamette Valley is Sharps Creek.  There is access is about 15 miles southeast of Cottage Grove which allows recreational gold mining. It is seasonal access and allows different kinds of mining equipment during different times of the year. You can contact Eugene BLM for the most current information and regulations.

Other Gold Hot Spots In Oregon

Other parts of Oregon where prospectors have been successful in finding gold are the John Day River Valley and the Burnt River and the tributaries of the Burnt River.

Counties in the state of Oregon that are good for gold prospecting are:

Coos County

Crook County

Curry County

Douglas County

Grant County

Jackson County

Josephine County

Malheur County

Union County

Wheeler County

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