Would You Pay $25,000 for a Herkimer Diamond? This Unique Quartz Crystal is Up for Grabs

the cactus herkimer diamond

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In 2011, an unusually large and high-quality Herkimer Diamond was discovered at the Ace of Diamonds Mine in Middleville, New York. Nicknamed ‘The Cactus’ for its unique growth resembling the desert plant, this specimen is a rarity and has been preserved in impeccable condition. Its uniqueness and condition make it a valuable find for collectors.

With its museum-grade stature, this Herkimer Diamond Druze Plate has not only sparked interest among high-end collectors but has also claimed a hefty price tag reflective of its exclusivity and authenticity. Such specimens are generally hidden away in private collections or grace the halls of museums, making “The Cactus” a rare opportunity for acquisition. The seller assures its authenticity, having held the piece since its extraction from the famous mine in 2011.

If you’re in the market for a dazzling gemstone with a notable price tag, “The Cactus,” currently listed on eBay, fetches a cool $25,000. This price might seem steep, but not entirely unheard of for the famed Herkimer Diamond. Another unique Herkimer Diamond called, “The Window of Opportunity” is currently listed for $26,000 on Etsy.

A Glance at the Coveted $25,000 Gemstone

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