At Rock Seeker, we are committed to providing rock and mineral enthusiasts with high-quality, accurate educational resources they can trust. Our core mission is to empower the rockhounding community by sharing informational content that enables discovery and enriches this exciting hobby.


All Rock Seeker content follows these core principles:

  • Knowledge empowers discovery – Our content is grounded in geological research and expertise to inform and enable your rockhounding adventures.
  • United by curiosity – We aim to bring together rockhounds of all backgrounds through inclusive content that satisfies shared curiosity.
  • Unique perspectives welcomed – We do not prescribe one “right way” to enjoy geology. Every enthusiast’s journey is different, which we respect.


Our editorial team oversees all content published on Rock Seeker. We report on the consensus of geological research rather than any single source. Reputable citations support our facts and appear alongside statements.

Our writers balance verifiable information with professional and enthusiast perspectives. We avoid clickbait and misleading headlines. Any links are for reference and further learning. Affiliate links are clearly labeled.

Quality Standards

Our editorial team thoroughly reviews and edits articles before publishing to ensure quality and accuracy. We have an extensive internal review process for all content.

We take care to thoroughly research and fact-check our content using reputable external resources. We also regularly consult with professionals in relevant fields to verify information.

Articles are updated regularly as new discoveries and information becomes available. We note the most recent significant edit date at the top of each article for transparency.

Opinions expressed in articles are the views of individual writers and contributors. They do not necessarily reflect the official stance of Rock Seeker as a publication. We welcome diverse rockhounding opinions and perspectives from our community.

Intended Audience

Rock Seeker’s content is intended for the general public with an interest in geology, rockhounding, minerals, and fossils. Our goal is to both inform enthusiasts new to these topics as well as provide valuable insights for experienced rockhounds. We aim to serve as an educational resource for people of all backgrounds looking to learn more about the captivating world beneath our feet.

Corrections Policy

We are committed to rectifying any inaccurate or outdated information published on our site. If you believe a correction is needed, please contact us at Our editorial team will investigate and update or remove content as appropriate. The corrections will be made as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours. We appreciate your partnership in upholding the highest editorial standards.

Private Property Ethics

We strongly believe rockhounding should only be done with explicit permission on private property, mining claims, and certain public lands. Removing minerals, fossils, artifacts, or rocks from these areas without authorization is unethical and typically illegal.

We urge our community to always research and respect land access restrictions in any area they may be exploring. Never trespass on private property or restricted areas. Be aware of rules like claim staking, permit requirements, collecting limitations, and more based on the specific location.

Obtain written permission from land owners whenever possible. Be sure to follow all conditions they request, such as only taking certain amounts or types of specimens. Leave areas as they were found or better. Never disturb buildings, equipment, active mines, or dig dangerously steep or deep holes.

Following these ethical rockhounding principles ensures our hobby remains sustainable while building goodwill with property owners. We aim to promote responsible enjoyment and preservation of natural wonders on public and private lands alike.

Expert Contributors

We are fortunate to have partnerships with geologists, paleontologists, archaeologists, and other subject matter experts who provide insight into our content. Their credentials lend valuable perspective, but their views do not officially represent those of Rock Seeker. Our writers have full editorial control over the published articles.

Advertising Policy

Rock Seeker’s editorial decisions are made independently by our team to uphold our commitment to quality, accuracy, and transparency. Advertisers and sponsors have no influence over our coverage. We will clearly disclose any content partnerships.

Display Advertising

To support providing free access to quality content, we accept certain advertisements on our website. We aim to utilize advertising in a way that will not hinder the user experience or negatively impact our editorial integrity.

All ads are clearly distinguished from editorial content through visible borders and labels such as “Advertisement.” This transparency allows readers to identify paid promotions. We carefully consider the maximum number of ads per page to maintain a balance between necessary advertising revenue and an uncluttered user experience.

Affiliate Links

We research products thoroughly before providing affiliate links as a helpful reference for users’ purchasing decisions. We will disclose when links earn us a commission, but commissions do not influence our recommendations. Our focus is only recommending high-quality products relevant to the rockhounding community.

Sponsored Content

On occasion, we may publish sponsored content to cover the costs of providing users with valuable educational materials. These posts will be clearly labeled as such. While sponsors have the opportunity to review the content, our editorial team maintains full control over the final published product.


The content provided on Rock Seeker is for informational purposes only. While we strive to offer accurate and up-to-date information grounded in research and expert insights, our articles and resources are not a substitute for professional advice.

External Links

Our content may include links to external websites for further reading or reference. While we aim to link to reputable sources, Rock Seeker is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or practices of these external sites.

FTC Disclosure

We adhere to the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials in advertising. Any affiliate links or sponsored content will be clearly disclosed, ensuring transparency with our readers.

See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information.

Please email with any questions or comments about our editorial policies. We value open communication with our rockhounding community.

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