Enhydro Agates: See The Water Trapped Inside This Collection of Agates!

Enhydro agates are just what their name implies; they’re agates that contain water that’s been trapped inside them at some point during their formation.

These beautiful agates are from Brazil and have been polished on the outside surface to help reveal the water that’s inside!

See The Water Trapped in These Agates!

Fully developed agates are typically solid, being filled with crystalline material. Enhydros are not completely filled in, which provides space for liquid, which are often times accompanied with air bubbles as well.

The water you see inside these enhydro agates very well could have been trapped there for millions of years. However, some sources claim that some enhydros, like the agates seen in the video, are actually permable which would allow water to very slowly exit and enter the agate.

Video credit: Rocks for the Spirit

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