What They Do With This Float Copper Is Incredible!

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Looking to add to your mineral collection? This remarkable float copper specimen recently unearthed in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula might be just the eye-catching centerpiece you’ve always been searching for.

The metal detector enthusiast who discovered this natural beauty struck gold (or…copper) when their equipment registered this glacial relic buried beneath the surface. Expertly tumbled smooth thousands of years ago by flowing glacial rivers, this float copper encapsulates Michigan’s remote geological history in one stunning sample.

Cut and polished to a mirror finish, the dark blue-green patina and sparkling inclusions of minerals like quartz and datolite make this float copper a true showstopper. As documented on Michigan Rocks & Minerals’ YouTube channel, the handiwork required to shape and shine this specimen highlights the allure of float copper for collectors.

The final polished float copper specimen (credit: Michigan Rocks & Minerals/Youtube)

This is the type of rare natural treasure you dream of. Getting your hands on a float copper specimen unearthed straight from the rugged Upper Peninsula is every mineral enthusiast’s dream. Just imagine eagerly brushing away dirt to unveil this prehistoric copper beauty marked by the flowing glacial rivers that shaped its story.

A find like this is simply hard to replicate. Owning a literal piece of the Upper Peninsula’s geological history is what mineral collecting is all about.

If you’re interested in seeing more impressive float copper specimens and learning more about Michigan’s unique geology, be sure to check out Michigan Rocks & Minerals YouTube channel. They also have an extensive collection of finds on display at their Instagram page and Facebook page as well as on their website.

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