A Geode With Teeth! Rockhound Finds Dogtooth Calcite Inside This Keokuk Geode

Watching geodes being cracked open never gets old. Especially when they’re filled with surprises.

Rockhunter Mark is known for his videos that show him cracking open geodes of all different shapes and size, as well as many other other types of rockhounding and artifact collecting videos.

In this video, he gets his hands on a large Keokuk geode. And what he finds inside would look good sitting on anyone’s shelf!…pink calcite dogtooth crystals on brown iridescent calcite. 😍

Due to the odd shape of the geode, he uses a pipe cutter to “crack” the geode open as opposed to cutting it in half with a saw. Good thing too, because those beautiful pink calcite crystals would have been cut in half.

You can find more of Mark’s videos on all his other channels: YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

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