Solid To The Core: Cutting Open Thundereggs With Incredible Results

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Richardson Rock Ranch, located in Madras, Oregon is known throughout the rockhounding world as one of the most famous producers of Oregon thundereggs.

What is it about these thundereggs that make them so popular? It’s the incredible patterns and scenery that can be seen inside these nodules once you open them up.

Once upon a time, anyone could stop by Richardson Rock Ranch and dig up a bucket full of thundereggs, haul them back to the shop and pay to have them cut open by Ranch staff.

Unfortunately, those days are over. Instead, now we get to watch as Agate Dad cuts open 5 of these famous Richardson Ranch thundereggs that one of his viewers sent him.

What’s fascinating about thundereggs is that they’re all so very unique, even those found in the same geological area. Some may appear light with an opal-like quality, while others may reveal translucent agate and water level banding.

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