Cutting and Shaping Rocks With a Tile Saw!

One of the most satisfying things you can do as a collector is cut open the rocks you find. What you see on the inside is a completely different story than what’s seen on the outside.

And if you think being able to cut open rocks is too expensive of a hobby for you to get into, you’re wrong.

Wet tile saws are relatively inexpensive and easy to come by. Even used ones. I’ve used a wet tile saw for a long time now. I’ve even written about it here.

But even if you don’t have a saw, or even rocks to cut, I still find it therapeutic to watch others do it.

Watch as Prospector Paul uses his wet tile saw to cut open a pile of stones with beautiful results! But he doesn’t stop with just cutting the stones. He takes it one step farther and shapes the stones with the same saw. Something I need to try myself!

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