Fossil Cabin: One of The Most Interesting Geology Roadside Attractions in The US

fossil cabin wyoming
credit: James St. John

Nestled along the historic Lincoln Highway, Fossil Cabin stands as a testament to human creativity and the allure of roadside Americana. Built in 1932, just outside Medicine Bow, Wyoming, this unique structure piques the curiosity of travelers with walls constructed from 5,796 dinosaur bones.

Recognized not only for its architectural novelty but also for its cultural significance, Fossil Cabin occupies a spot on the National Register of Historic Places, highlighting its intimate connection to the nation’s first transcontinental highway.

The cabin’s origins trace back to Thomas and Grace Boylan’s homestead, established nearby in 1908. In an attempt to draw visitors to Boylan’s gas station along a famous thoroughfare, Boylan decided to showcase a full and complete dinosaur skeleton. So he began collecting bones from nearby Como Bluff.

However, his ambitious plan took an unexpected turn.

After nearly two decades of dedication and thousands of unearthed dinosaur bones, Boylan found himself short of a complete dinosaur skeleton but rich in creativity. Rather than admitting defeat, he channeled his findings into something unconventional, constructing the Fossil Cabin, a structure incorporating actual dinosaur bones into its walls.

Completed in 1932, this curious building spurred the interest of travelers and even gained fame through Ripley’s Believe It or Not as the “world’s oldest” building due to its ancient materials.

Fossil Cabin Photo Gallery


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