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Rock Tumblers Handbook: A Complete Guide To Learning Rock Tumbling
  • Over 60 pages of detailed content
  • Step-by-step instructions and expert tips for every stage of the rock tumbling process.
  • Practical advice on selecting rocks, using the right grits and polishes, and achieving the perfect finish.
  • Essential maintenance tips to prolong the life and efficiency of rock tumbling equipment.
  • Bonus Content!
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Rockhounding Journal and Cataloging System
  • 20 Detailed Journal Pages
  • Unique Catalog Numbers
  • Date, location, and acquisition details.
  • Color, luster, hardness, and more.
  • Space for Personal Observations and Storage Details
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Rock and Mineral Collection Labels
  • Detailed Categorization: Each label includes fields for a Catalog Number, Location, Specimen type, and Notes, allowing for a comprehensive and informative display.

  • Easy to Print: This PDF is formatted for hassle-free printing, ensuring that you can easily create labels as your collection grows.

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Rock Tumbling Quick Guide
  • Concise and power-packed 2-page PDF
  • Designed for both novice and experienced rock tumblers and lapidary artists.
  • Easy-to-reference format, perfect for quick consultations during your tumbling process.
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Rock Tumbling Log Sheets

Record keeping in rock tumbling is a crucial part of the hobby and serves multiple purposes:

  1. Progress Tracking: By documenting each step, you can monitor the progress of your rocks, understanding how different types of rocks respond to various grits and polishes.
  2. Reproducibility: If you achieve exceptional results with a batch, detailed records allow you to replicate the process with similar types of rocks.
  3. Troubleshooting: Should you encounter issues, your records can help identify at which stage things might have gone awry.
  4. Learning Tool: Reviewing past records helps in learning from successes and mistakes, refining your tumbling techniques over time.

Included with this purchase is a PDF file of a rock tumbling log book with 5 pages. (You can print as many pages as you want.)

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