Rockhound Cuts Open Plain Looking Petrified Wood. The Results are Incredible!

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It’s crazy to think about how much beauty there is in this world, not just hiding in plain sight, but literally just under our feet.

After watching this video, it makes me regret tossing back into the river many of the petrified wood pieces that I’ve found over the years!

Watch as Ryan The Digger, a seasoned rockhound, transforms what seems to be an ordinary piece of petrified wood into a masterpiece. Using his lapidary saw, he reveals its inner beauty, so polished and perfect, it could easily be mistaken for a finely sanded and finished piece of wood. The results are nothing short of stunning.

@ryanthedigger Cutting open this piece of petrified wood I found!!😁 #rock #fossil #petrifiedwood #geology #rockhound #washington ♬ original sound – Ryan The Digger⛏

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