Visiting Richardson Rock Ranch: The Happiest Place On Earth

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Every once in a while you stumble upon a location that can only be described as “the happiest place on Earth”. For many people, Disneyland fits that bill. For others, it’s a simple evening out without the kids. And for many of us rockhounds, that place is Richardson Rock Ranch, located in Madras, Oregon.

richardson rock ranch

If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Richardson Rock Ranch in person, that’s ok. Because Brian and Julie from AZ Rockhound Expeditions stopped by there not too long ago and documented their visit, and it looks like fun!

Even though you can’t dig for thundereggs on the property any more, after watching this video you’ll most likely start making plans to make your own trip out there.

As a bonus at the end of the video, Brian and Julie cut open several of the thundereggs they brought home with them on their trip…and they don’t disappoint!

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