Crystal Clear Ice Gives Up Agates to Eagle-Eyed Rockhound

agates through crystal clear ice
credit: mikezganjar/TikTok

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Mike Zganjar, an experienced ice fisherman from Minnesota, made an incredible discovery while recently testing the thickness of ice on Lake Superior – beautiful agates visible through the crystal clear ice. Armed only with a hatchet to carve an opening, Zganjar was able to retrieve around 12 of the Lake Superior agates, the first time he’s ever spotted and claimed agates directly through the ice.

@mikezganjar Amazingly clear ice on Lake Superior. What an experience this was! #viral #explore #fypシ #fyp #blowthisup #greatlakes ♬ Peaceful Mind – Musik Bayi ID

Zganjar credits his years of ice fishing experience for being able to safely judge the thickness and clarity of the ice, critical to attempting such an expedition. After grabbing necessary gear from a local hardware store, Zganjar headed out onto the frigid lake, chopping into the estimated 3.5 inch thick ice until he opened a hole just wide enough to plunge his arm into the glacial water and grab the agates.

While Zganjar already possessed an extensive personal agate collection from years of shoreline hunting in warmer months, this freezing foray unveiled a completely new agate hunting technique – and a successful one at that. Zganjar returned home with nearly a dozen unique Lake Superior finds from his icy digging attempt.


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