From Dull To Glossy: A Petoskey Stone Gets a Makeover

How often do you find a stone that looks great when wet, only to lose its luster as soon as it dries? Stones like that can leave you wondering why you picked them up in the first place.

Polishing is the key to unlocking the true beauty of stones. By bringing them to a high gloss finish, you can restore that captivating “wet look” they had when you first found them.

Watch The Video!

In a remarkable video by Michigan Rocks, we follow Rob as he transforms a seemingly dull Petoskey stone into a stunning work of art. This stone, known for its distinctive patterns when wet, looks almost unrecognizable when dry.

Using his cabbing machine, Rob works the stone through each stage of polishing. With each pass, the Petoskey stone gradually reveals its true, hidden beauty. The transformation is astounding. It’s hard to believe it’s the same stone that was just pulled from the lake.

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