​The Patterns Inside This Petrified “Burl” Wood are Crazy!​

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You can find petrified wood all over the United States. It’s an incredible fossil that’s just loaded with both history and intrigue. What makes petrified wood so unique is that even though it’s a stone, it often time still looks exactly like the tree that it once was.

petrified burl wood
image: RyanTheDigger/TikTok

As a woodworker, I love burl wood and the crazy patterns the wood grains display. And as a rockhound, I love petrified wood. So what should you do if you find a large chunk of petrified “burl” wood while out rockhounding? You slice it open, of course!

That’s exactly what Ryan from RyanTheDigger did. He found a petrified burl wood in his home state of Washington and cut it. The stone looks so much like a piece of woodwork, it’s incredible.

Watch The Video!

@ryanthedigger Cutting open this crazy piece of petrified wood I found!!😍 #fossil #washington #rockhound #geology #crystals #rock ♬ original sound – Ryan The Digger⛏

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