The Largest Turquoise Stone in The United States (You Won’t Guess Where It’s From)

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When you think of areas of the Unites States that are known for producing turquoise, you probably think about the American Southwest. And you’d be correct.

There’s no other states in the country that has more turquoise mines than in the states of Nevada and Arizona, with states like New Mexico and even California follow suite.

But did you know that the largest turquoise stone ever found in the United States didn’t even come out of the American Southwest?

The largest ever turquoise nugget to be pulled out of the ground in the USA was actually found in Polk County, Arkansas in 1982 and weighs in at a whopping 249 lbs. The nugget was discovered at what’s now known as the Mona Lisa mine currently owned by James Zigras of Avant Mining. The turquoise boulder was discovered by the previous owner of the mine. In 2017, James Zigras purchased the mine and its assets which included 2 tons of turquoise rough, as well as this record-breaking turquoise nugget.

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