Monster Crystals Pulled at Zigras Mine in Arkansas!

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The Zigras Mine, which is owned by Avant Mining, has established itself as a significant location for high-quality quartz crystal mining. Located in Arkansas, a state renowned for its abundance of quartz, the mine is privately owned by James Zigras. His dedication has turned the mine into one of the most famous sites for crystal enthusiasts and collectors around the world. The exceptional clarity and size of the crystals unearthed from this site have contributed to the mine’s status among the top producers of quartz.

Watch this massive double terminated crystal be pulled straight out of the ground at the Zigras Mine:


4ft Doubly Terminated Crystal Found at World Famous Zigras Mine

♬ original sound – Avant Mining

Here’s another great example of the crystals produced at Zigras Mine. Watch as The Crystal Collector pulls out another monster out of the ground:

@avantmining More of our highlights from having @thecrystal.collector out to dig 🤩 #crystalcollector #avantmining #crystalmining #crystaltok ♬ Crystal – Kupla

Arkansas is often referred to as the “Quartz Crystal Capital of the World,” and the Zigras Mine plays a crucial role in this reputation. Its crystals are sought after for both their aesthetic beauty and their utility in various industries, including electronics and healing arts. Mining efforts at the Zigras Mine are conducted with a commitment to maintaining the environment and ensuring sustainable practices.

James Zigras, who is both an experienced miner and a respected figure in the mining community, manages the operations with expertise. His approach to mining quartz involves utilizing methods that maximize the retrieval of intact specimens, which is of paramount importance to collectors. As the demand for natural Arkansas quartz continues to grow, the Zigras Mine continues to provide a source of these prized crystals while preserving the integrity of the natural resources it harnesses.

Digging Crystals At the Zigras Mine

For the serious collector, the Zigras Mine offers private guided pocket digs. These specialized digs give seasoned collectors the chance to uncover rare and high-quality quartz crystals that the Ouachita Mountains are famous for.

See Even More Crystal Action!

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