Rockhound Finds Carnelian Petrified Wood! (And Other Incredible Washington Finds)

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amazing washington rockhounding finds
image: RyanTheDigger/YouTube

I’m a huge fan of petrified wood. And I know I’m not alone. It’s one of the most popular sought after stones/fossils by rockhounds all over the United States.

Why is that? One reason is because these ancient tree remnants can be found just about anywhere. Another reason is because of the wide variety of types and colors of petrified wood you can find. Sometimes the fossilized wood will take on a striking resemblance to the tree that it once was. While other times the organic wood material will be replaced by beautiful silicates like opal and colorful agate.

In this video, Ryan from RyanTheDigger takes us on a fun rockhounding adventure through one of his favorite rockhounding spots in his home state of Washington. And what he finds is really unique and interesting. Not only does he find what looks like a nice piece of carnelian petrified wood, but many other beautiful agates, jaspers and even an antique bicycle lamp!

The Petrified Wood

@ryanthedigger Found this amazing rock today!😍 #rocks #rockhound #washington #carnelian #agate ♬ original sound – Ryan The Digger⛏

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