What Happens When You Put Marbles in a Rock Tumbler? The Results Are Not What You’d Think

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It’s one of those quirky ideas that’s floated around in my head more than a few times—what would happen if you put a bunch of marbles into a rock tumbler?

Lucky for us, Agate Ariel took the plunge and shared the journey detail by detail. The results are both surprising and fascinating, and definitely not what I would have guessed.

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Not only that. But she decided to take the experiment one step farther and see if after she tumbled the marbles, if she could polish them again and bring them back to their original shine.

It’s a really interesting experiment to watch. And even comes with a few warnings to know about before starting your own batch!

If you’re anything like me, and you love rock tumbling, testing different ideas and pretty things, this experiment is a must-watch.

What are Ariel’s findings? Unexpected, to say the least, and something I wouldn’t have predicted. For anyone with a curiosity for the unexpected and ready to try something fun and new, this video is for you.

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