World’s Largest Uncut Emerald: The Chipembele “Rhino” 7,525 Carat Emerald

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While many remarkable emeralds have been discovered over the centuries, there is one that stands out as a colossal natural wonder—The Chipembele Emerald.

In Zambia, a country renowned for producing some of the most exquisite emeralds in the world, geologists made a groundbreaking discovery in 2021 at the Kagem mine in the Copperbelt Province. They unearthed what has come to be recognized as the world’s largest uncut emerald. Named Chipembele, which means ‘rhinoceros’ in the local Bemba language, this remarkable gemstone tips the scales at a hefty 7,525 carats, equivalent to about 1.5 kilograms (3 lbs and 5.09 oz).

The Chipembele Emerald’s hue is a deep, rich green, which is the defining feature of its allure. The tone and saturation of green in emeralds are primary factors in assessing their value, and the Chipembele emerald boasts an exceptional color that stands out in its raw form. The clarity of an uncut emerald like this one also plays a pivotal role in its overall appearance and value. While specific details of Chipembele’s clarity are not widely disclosed, its gem-quality designation suggests it possesses a relatively high level of clarity for a stone of its substantial size.

The Chipembele Emerald (image: Gemfields)

This impressive emerald is not just remarkable for its sheer size. Its exceptional quality and striking deep green color make it a phenomenal find in the world of gemology. Chipembele’s discovery has not only excited gem enthusiasts and collectors but also highlighted the remarkable geology of Zambia’s mining region, affirming its status as a significant source of some of the finest emeralds on the planet.

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