Clam Shell Opens Up Only To Reveal That It’s Lined With 288 Beautiful Opals

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In the captivating world of opals, one name stands out above the rest: Black Opals Direct. Led by founder and owner Justin Thomas, this renowned company not only offers extraordinary cut and polished opals, but also showcases some of their other remarkable creations through their YouTube channel.

One of their latest videos unveils a truly unique piece – a giant clam shell that opens to reveal a breathtaking display of 288 beautifully placed opals. This mesmerizing creation, crafted by Justin’s father, Jurgen Thomas, is not only an incredible opal showpiece but also a remarkable work of art.

The intricate patterns and stunning colors of the opals are meticulously arranged, creating a harmonious and visually striking display. This exceptional piece showcases the incredible talent and attention to detail that sets Black Opals Direct apart in the opal industry.

I would love to see this opal masterpiece in person. I’m sure you will feel the same after seeing the video.

Watch The Video

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