Cutting Open 20 Million Year Old Agatized Coral: With Incredible Results!

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Imagine holding a slice of history, a relic from 20 million years ago, right in your hand. This is the journey WildKyle and his friends invite us on.

I’ve always been intrigued by the secrets and stories that fossils hold, and now, we get to experience what it’s like cutting open these ancient agatized corals and witness the beauty that’s been hidden inside them for millions and millions of years.

Unlike geodes, these corals are not just rocks; they’re windows to an ancient past. To a time when oceans covered much of the dry land we walk on today.

Join Kyle as they uncover the breathtaking beauty hidden for eons within these natural time capsules.

The reveal? Absolutely out of this world.

If the mysteries of nature and untold stories of the past captivate you, prepare for an unforgettable treat. Watching Kyle and his crew work their magic, I found myself drawn into a new hobby, completely blown away by the stunning results.

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