Hunting for The Imilac Meteorite: The Most Beautiful in The World!

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The Imilac meteorite, discovered in the Atacama Desert of Chile in 1822, might be the most incredible meteorites to ever be discovered. It’s a stony-iron pallasite with a high concentration of beautiful olivine grains within its iron-nickel matrix. And when you cut and polish it, it’s like something you’ve never seen before!

Alexandra Levchenkova and Emil Davidsson from Meteorite Hunting traveled to one of the most remote places on Earth, the Atacama Desert, to hunt for pieces of the elusive Imilac meteorite. And as you’ll see, finding the meteorite specimens wasn’t the best part!

@meteoritehunting The Imilac Meteorite is one of the most stunning meteorites ever discovered, featuring translucent yellowish olivine crystals mixed within a pristine matrix of iron and nickel, making it a treasure for every space and rocks lover. Our mission was to travel to the other corner of the world to recover these specimens, which had been lying in the desert for thousands of years. #metaldetecting #rocks #meteorites #geology ♬ sonido original – Meteorite Hunting ☄︎

In addition to hunting for meteorites, the couple also makes jewelry out of the meteorites they find, and it’s absolutely stunning. You can see some of their handiwork here.

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