So Much Mossy Goodness Inside This Moss Agate!

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Being a rockhound isn’t just about getting out and exploring the great outdoors and reveling in the solitude it offers. It’s also a chance to carry the beauty of nature back home, where we get to turn all those rocks into something even more.

In my opinion, the real magic starts when you slice open a seemingly ordinary rock. And lots of time when you see inside it’s nothing short of astonishing.

That’s what I love about RyanTheDigger. He takes full advantage the beauty nature has to offer by cutting open many of the specimens he finds.

And this time he shows us the inside of an agate he found and decide to cut open. He wasn’t expecting to find what’s inside, and neither was I.

Check it out.

@ryanthedigger I did not expect the inside of this agate to be so cool!!😍 #rocks #agate #washington #crystals #carnelian #geology ♬ original sound – Ryan The Digger⛏

What he found was an incredible moss agate specimen. One person commented that it reminded them of fossilized pond water, which to be 100% honest, they’re not wrong!

I think that’s what makes moss agates like this one so intriguing. The inclusions are so unique the only way to describe them are with words like, “moss”, “plume”, or in the previous commenters example, “algae”.

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