This Fire Agate Displays One Intense Fire Storm!

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There are many forms of agate out there, but perhaps none quite as beautiful and mysterious as fire agate.

Not only is fire agate popular among lapidary artists, it’s extremely popular among collectors too. With its iridescence and highly detailed botryoidal inclusions, its no wonder people are drawn to it.

This short video clip from AZ Rockhound Expeditions showcases one of the best fire agate specimens I’ve seen in a while. 😍

Check it out below and enjoy the absolute “fire” that radiates from this incredible specimen.

A Little More Info on Fire Agate

Fire agate is, at its base, a form of included clear chalcedony. The inclusions that typify fire agate are botryoidal formations inside the stone, resembling small spheres intersecting with each other.  These formations will display a play-of-color as the stone is turned in the light, creating an effect similar to but distinct from that found in precious opal.

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